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A collection of educational and artistic DVDs on somatic approaches in dance and movement training. The first DVD includes an overview of somatic education and interviews with founders, teachers and artists of six different techniques. The second DVD presents applications of movement analysis in ballet training. The third DVD presents a choreographer and a biologist working together in choreographed conferences, illustrating how art and science can meet in the poetry of gesture. The fourth DVD addresses the diversity of supports in the teaching of Peter Goss, with bonuses on the thymus and on the 8th thoracic vertebra. The fifth DVD presents interviews with performing artists deeply experienced in an ancestral approach to movement (a martial art or yoga) and how the practice influences their creative expression.

These DVDs, in English and French, with subtitles, are coordinated by ‘Recherche En Mouvement’, a French not-for-profit organisation directed by Odile Rouquet. (

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Somatic Approaches and Artistic Creation


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DVD1: Somatic Approaches to Movement

Sylvie Fortin, of the University of Quebec
in Montreal, introduces the beginnings and evolution of Somatic Education. Then follow interviews with founders, teachers and choreographers of:

Alexander Technique with Elisabeth Walker, Lucia Walker, Suzon Holzer;

Feldenkrais Method with Ruthy Alon, Serge Ricci;

Laban-Bartenieff with Kedzie Penfield, Martha Moore;

Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Yann Lheureux;

Continuum with Emilie Conrad, Linda Rabin;

AFCMD with Odile Rouquet and Olivier Lefrançois, Nathalie Schulmann and Alban Richard.

DVD NTSC all zones, 127 min., subtitles in English and French



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DVD2: Approches ancestrales et création contemporaine
spacerAncestral Approaches and Performing Arts

Body Mind Centering, Yoga, Kinomichi, Aikido, Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong, Shiatsu/Do-in

This bilingual DVD presents a series of interviews with performing artists who are deeply experienced in what we call “ancestral approaches” to movement. Some of these performers also teach their discipline. “Ancestral approaches” have their origins in Asia, (India, China and Japan), where they have been practiced and taught for centuries, as they are more recently in the West: Yoga, Kinomichi, Aikido, Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gong, Shiatsu/Do-in.

Interviews with: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Pascale Houbin, Satchie Noro, Elsa Stirnemann-Coqueran, Thierry Baë, Christophe Zaorski, Claire Aveline.

DVD PAL all zones 73 min; subtitles in English and French

Somatic Approaches Applied to Artistic Movement in Technical Training


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DVD 1: Pirouette, tour en l'air

Somatic Approaches applied to artistic movement in technical training is explained through the teaching of Alain Debrus and the boys in their second year at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris learning pirouettes and turns in the air, with Odile Rouquet for AFCMD (Functional Analysis of the Body in Dance Movement).

Bonus: additional information on eye movement by A. Semont, and on tensegrity theory by T. Myers.

Booklet of 18 pages included.

DVD PAL all zones, 66 min., in French, subtitles in English

DVD2: The Diversity of Supports

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DVD2: The Diversity of Supports in Peter Goss’ Modern Dance,
with a bonus on the thymus and a bonus on the 8th thoracic vertebra

Booklet of 14 pages included.

DVD PAL all zones, 1h 44 min., in French, subtitles in English


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DVD3: Respiration et Mouvement: La Respiration dans tous ses Élans/Breathing and Movement

Breathing is the fundamental act of life. Everyone breathes but each his own way. When breathing and gesture are coordinated, breath creates a unique expression. Guy Cornut, a voice specialist, brings us into the intimacy of this world with exceptional x-ray images of the diaphragm taken during singing sessions. Philippe Campignion, a physical therapist, explains anatomical movement with images in 3D. Artists, both dancers and musicians, explain how specific breathing effects their art and performance.

DVD PAL all zones, 1h 33 min., French/English, sous-titrée English/French




Vers la Poesie du Geste, Rencontre Art/Science


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DVD1: From Ordinary Gesture to Dance
Memory in Action

Two short films reveal the collaboration between the choreographer Micheline Lelievre and the biologist Damien Schoëvaërt, who present two choreographed conferences, “From Ordinary Gesture to Dance”, and “Memory in Action”, illustrating how art and science can meet in the poetry of gesture.

DVD NTSC all zones, 41min., in French, voice-over in English